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ISPOR NZ webinar - Andrea Menclova

Novel drug approvals: Early determinants of subsequent drug warnings

Friday 10 November 2023, 1pm

We are very pleased to welcome Andrea Menclova to present our next ISPOR NZ webinar, in which she will discuss her recent research on the effects of pre-approval clinical trials on subsequent drug warnings.

New drug approvals involve a trade-off: less onerous requirements allow for a faster approval process of potentially beneficial drugs but may lead to more undetected problems. Pre-approval clinical trials are very expensive but are meant to protect patients from future harm. Perhaps surprisingly, there seems to be little systematic, empirical evidence on the relative costs and benefits of stringent, pre-approval clinical testing of novel drugs. This study estimates the potential benefits of more stringent pre-approval testing, namely reduction in unexpected post-approval drug warnings.

The webinar will be held at 1pm on Friday 10 November. For details and registration, please see the event sign-up page.

About the speaker:

Andrea Menclova is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Canterbury. She teaches Health Economics and Public Finance and her main areas of research interest are the economics of childbearing and the socio-economic determinants of health outcomes in New Zealand. In her most recent work, she focuses on health impacts of the built environment (neighbourhood walkability in particular) and on drug approval processes.

She holds an MA and PhD from the University of New Hampshire and has been a visitor to Princeton University (2017) and Charles University in Prague (2022). She is the chief editor of the Series of Unsurprising Results in Economics (SURE Journal).

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