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Notice of Annual General Meeting, 10 Apr 2019

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

10 April 2019, 3.30pm

Marion Davis Library, Auckland Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand


1.0 President’s Report James Harris, 2018-19 President

2.0 Financial Report Susan Francis, 2018-19 Treasurer

3.0 Election of new Officers Nominations received by 22 March are: For President: Trudy Sullivan For Treasurer: Chris Carswell For Secretary: For President Elect: Committee: James Harris (Past President), Mike Picot, Carsten Schousboe, Carlo Marra, Susan Francis, Richard Milne, Pasquale Gargiulo, Ross Wilson. Other nominations may be given to the Nominations Committee at the meeting. The Nominations Committee is: James Harris President Trudy Sullivan President-Elect Susan Kruse Secretary

4.0 Any other business

James Harris President, ISPOR New Zealand Regional Chapter 24 March 2019

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