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Report for ISPOR Asia Consortium Business Meeting

ISPOR Australia Chapter

Attendees: Mary Lou Chatterton and George Papadopoulos

1. Two successful workshops were held in the last 12 months with over 100 attendees from industry, academia and government attending each one

a. November 2014 - Risky Business of Decision Making in Health Care

b. April 2015 – ISPOR Encore Presentations and Predicting Future Evidence

i. Encore Presentations is where Australian researcher who presented their work as poster or podium during 2014 in the 3 international ISPOR meetings re-present their work

ii. Invited international speaker was Tony Tarn, Chair of ISPOR Asia Consortium

2. The Chapter is strong both in members and financially and is committed to hosting two workshops annually in April and November.

a. Upcoming workshop in November 2015 – Day of Models

3. Key policy updates include the various reviews currently underway

a. Review of the current PBAC Guidelines

b. Review of the Life Saving Drugs Program

c. Review of Orphan Drug Program

4. The 5 year 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) is currently being negotiated and should conlude no later than 30th June 2015

5. A new PABC Chair, has not yet been announced (post script: since the meeting, it has been announced that Professor Andrew Wilson will be the new Chair of the PBAC)


ISPOR New Zealand Chapter

Attendees: George Papadopoulos on behalf of Chris Carswell

Three key points were highlighted on behalf of the NZ Chapter

1. New committee appointed and Chris Carswell is President of the Chapter

2. New decision criteria for PHARMAC.

ISPOR NZ are planning a July workshop to discuss the new decision criteria

3. Plan to launch quarterly educational webinars with invited global experts.

Additionally, the NZ and Australia Chapters continue to work collaboratively where possible.