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Minutes of the Annual General Metting of ISPOR (NZ) Chapter on 6 May 2016

Held on Friday 6 May, 2016 at 1pm
1. Apologies:
Alison Davies and Jared Poppelbaum.
2. Minutes of the 2015 AGM and Matters Arising: 
The Minutes of the 2015 AGM were accepted. There were no matters arising.
3. President’s Report: 
The President’s Report from Chris Carswell for 2015-16 is attached.
4. Treasurer’s Report: 
The Treasurer’s Report (on the second page) from Susan Francis for 2015-16 is attached. 
Moved:     Susan Francis
Seconded:  Richard Milne
Although the account balance is good (mainly as a result of the grant from Roche) the cash-flow is negative due to the costs associated with holding workshops. This could be addressed with an increase in membership fees. The Roche grant was to be used to hold workshops and seminars but an increase in fees could allow more to be done. Susan asked for discretionary spending to be defined and said there needs to be transparency and clarity around expense reimbursement. This will be discussed at the next Committee meeting.
5. Election of Officers for 2016-17:
No advanced nominations were received. 
The President Elect will be James Harris.  
Nominated:  Trudy Sullivan
Seconded:     Susan Francis
Chris Carswell continues as the President, Susan Francis as the Treasurer and Trudy Sullivan as the Secretary.
Chris Carswell formally thanked Jared Poppelbaum and Zaheer Babar, who are stepping down from the Committee but will remain as ISPOR (NZ) members, for their valued work, and time on the Committee.
James Harris, Richard Milne and Katherine Lester remain as committee members. Two new members will join the Committee:
Pasquale Gargiulo Nominated:  Chris Carswell Seconded:  Susan Francis
Greta Smith Nominated:  Richard Milne Seconded:  Raewyn McNee 
6. Membership/Fees:
Membership stands at approximately 29 (20 members and 9 new members who joined up when registering for the workshop). An increase in membership is wanted particularly given the negative cash flow resulting from holding workshops. 
Membership fees were discussed with general agreement that the fees should increase. However, there wasn’t agreement on whether the fees should increase to $100 or perhaps $75-$80 or whether there should be different rates for different groups, e.g. corporate. It was agreed that the fees for students should remain at $25 to encourage membership. 
Susan Francis as Treasurer, put forward a motion that the Committee will discuss and decide on the new membership fees at the next Committee meeting.  Seconded: Richard Milne.
7. Planning 2016-17 Year:
A workshop “Health Economics for Clinical Trials” will be held on Tuesday 18 August at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland. The speaker is Richard De Abreu Lourenco from CHERE in Sydney. It will be a hands-on interactive workshop that aims to provide a basic introduction to health economic evaluation concepts that are relevant to those involved in conducting clinical trials in New Zealand.
Recruiting additional members and strengthening our connections with the University sector will be a focus this year. Encouraging students to join ISPOR could be enhanced by providing sponsorship or prizes for abstracts in an organised event. Future workshops will be broader in scope – e.g. include topics such as patient centred care, patient engagement and shared decision making – and may be held outside of Auckland. 
8. Any Other Business:
Trudy will contact Committee members to set up the next few Committee meetings.
The meeting closed at 1:30pm.